Osiris is a platform that traces the traceability of the purchase, sale, and placement of phytosanitary products in Argentina. It not only helps users to have control over the correct use and application but also allows others to denounce those who do not comply with the corresponding standards for fumigation.


There is currently no tool, both for the inhabitants and for governmental entities, to control spraying in rural areas.
Inhabitants are affected by non-compliance with regulations, which leads to complaints and in some cases health problems for those affected.

On the other hand, many applicators tend to have problems when fumigating if they do not have the necessary support.

As for governmental entities, there is no way to control those who do not comply with fumigation regulations.


We created a multiplatform for different types of users, who will have access to different actions to perform. On the other hand, the supervisors of the governmental entity will have access to their platform to keep track of the fumigations and see the complaints that are made.


with different accesses according to the role of each user.

Within the application, specialists must select the corresponding role to perform their tasks. It will also be possible to file complaints in the event of non-compliance with the rules.


through the app

Users will be able to see in real-time the applicators spraying and know if they are performing the activity correctly or not.


for fumigators

Fumigators will be able to see if the day, based on weather and wind, is the right one for fumigation. If it is not, the user will be warned that he/she is not complying with the fumigation measures.


We conducted focused interviews with the client to understand the business. The interviews accompanied us throughout the research and prototyping process.

Medium and high fidelity screens

We make screens in medium fidelity of most of the functionalities to iterate and then move to high fidelity for the product sale.

Target users

Through client interviews and market research, we defined which proto personas will use Osiris, to represent the end-users who will use the product.